Friends Introduction Series – Part 1

Dear friends and fans,

Our project began more than 10 years ago, we recorded 10 albums so far and I have to say:
I’m blessed for having so many great musicians and friends on these recordings. I’ve been thinking about for a while that they’d deserve a bit more attention so I decided to begin a series of posts here on Facebook to introduce these great musicians, each one of them through a little story and a song.

The first two friends ID like to introduce are Johanna Regenbogen (viola) and Markus Drescher (cello).

In 2005 when I decided to leave my hometown Budapest. The destination I chose was Augsburg in Bavaria, Germany. I had some friends living here and I always liked this town especially the city center which was a great gathering spot for the youth and for crazy travelling (or settled) musicians like me and the likes.
Here I met both of these guys, Johanna and Markus. Johanna was the first musician with whom I began to arrange my first acoustic songs. Markus was also often hanging around the Rathausplatz at that time, we became friends there. I was also blessed to have met his other musician pals, the speedfolk band Revelling Crooks. Markus also joined my acoustic project as a bassist, we played a couple of gigs with him and Johanna in 2005-2006, the formation was called “Attila’s Folk Trio” back then.
After about a year practicing we recorded our first album “We Are the Ones”. The technical means I had at my disposal for this recording were really immature, a single AKG c1000 microphone, a PC and a Sound Blaster. So don’t expect a very good quality.
I still like the song very much though as well as the whole feeling of the album. For me personally it means a lot, a new start in Augsburg, a new band and a lot of lovely memories.
This is also actually what this song is about: Travelling to a new world, being always on the road, but never completely alone.

Song: Az Ășton
Abum: We Are the Ones
Musicians: Attila Tapolczai – guitar, mandolin, vocals
Johanna Regenbogen – viola
Markus Drescher – cello
Recorded in Augsburg in Attila’s room in 2006.

Album available in digital form (flac,mp3) on bandcamp or also in CD form from the band.