Friends Introduction Series – Part 3

László Pásztor – bass guitar, double bass

My next friend I’d like to introduce is the one who played many lovely tracks for our albums, he was our stable bass player from 2007 until 2012, he also played in my punk rock band for several years, he’s my fellow countryman from Budapest who’s now living and constantly picking (and bowing) his double bass in Galway, Ireland, ladies and gentlemen, meet the unbeatable Laszlo Pasztor alias Lasello 🙂
I’d like to post a song that has never actually been in our concert repertoire but for sure it’s NOT because Laci couldn’t play his fantastic bass solo again. 🙂
This song is a very short poem written in 2005 and only those can understand it really who like to dig deep in the meaning of things, those who LIVE the things, who seek for real love, real pleasure, those who refuse the plastic, consumer life of our age. I send them this song in this lovely morning.

Thank you Laci for the great job and for those fantastic years and tours.

Song: The Sea of Superficiality
Music & lyrics: Attila Tapolczai
Abum: The Devil’s Knockin’ on My Door
Musicians : Attila Tapolczai – guitar, mandolin, vocals
Johanna Regenbogen – viola
Pásztor László – bass guitar

Recorded in Augsburg in 2011.

All Attila & Friends albums are available in digital (flac,mp3) and CD format on bandcamp.

The Sea of Superficiality

You and me
In the sea
Of superficiality

Where nothing’s
Pretended gladness around me

But I’m blue
Where are you?
Please help me somehow to find you

In this huge
Plastic sea
Of superficiality