Friends Introduction Series – Part 4

Julia Simmance (Neukam) – fiddle

The next friend in this introduction series has never actually been a member of our band but we played with her (mostly busking) quite a few times. What still fascinates me though, is how great this only tune became which we recorded with her. It’s still one of my personal favorite, thanks to Julia’s spontaneous, tasty ans solid rhythm patterns with which I felt so comfortable to play the guitar and the mandolin solo, and of course she also did a great job with her fiddle solo variations. I think that’s the main reason we don’t have this tune in our repertoire, without Julia it’s just not the same. 🙂
The tune itself is named after the city I live and where Julia also comes from, where we met each other and where we recorded the tune. Augusta is the old latin name of Augsburg.

Tune: Augusta Reel
Music: Attila Tapolczai
Abum: The Devil’s Knockin’ on My Door
Musicians : Attila Tapolczai – guitar, mandolin
Julia Neukam – fiddle
Pásztor László – bass guitar

Recorded in Augsburg in 2011.

All Attila & Friends albums are available in digital (flac,mp3) and CD format on bandcamp.

By the way she has an own project with her husband, it’s called ‘Travelling People’, it’s worth to have a check: